EP 15: How to Write 7 Books while Homeschooling with Kim Cash Tate

Kim Cash Tate is an amazing wife, mother, author and teacher. She has spent the last 15+ years home schooling her children through high school and authoring 7 published books.

We spoke about:

  • Why she left law to write
  • Why she choose law school in college
  • How she published her first book
  • Her relationship with Thomas Nelson
  • How she remains authentic
  • Her writing pattern
  • Why she still uses hard back books for research
  • Balancing being a wife, homeschooling and writing
  • What books of her’s that she would recommend you to purchase

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Set List:

J. Givens- The Pledge

Josh Garrels- White Owls

Je’Kob- Letting Go Ft. Josh Lane

Hunter G.K. Thompson- Swan Song

Jason Nelson- Thirsty


EP 7: How To Get 300,000 Followers on Instagram with Ryan Maher

Ryan Maher is a designer and entrepreneur! Learn how he gained 300,000 Followers on Instagram and how his app Bible Locks Screens was downloaded 100,000+ times.






Set List:

Mali Music- Walking Shoes
Crowder- How He Loves Me
Derek Minor- Who Do You Know
D. Scott- Luke XI
Bethel Music- No Longer A Slave

EP 6: The Power of Persevervance and Consistency with Sean C. Johnson

The Power of Perseverance and Consistency with Sean C. Johnson

Sean C. Johnson is a singer and teacher who is known for his buttery neb-soul voice. Listen as Sean explains how consistency and preserving helped launch his thriving musical career.


Set list: All Sean C. Johnson!

The Authentic: Episode 5 “A little bit of everything”

This week we journeyed into a little bit of everything on the podcast. Download it on iTunes or listen below.

Set List:

Jackie Hill Perry- Dead Preacher
Stephen the Levite f. Jgivesn & Tragic Hero- Frienemies
Selah the Corner f. Eshon Burgundy- Prophecy
Christette Michele- Super Christ
Tye Tribett & G.A.- SuperStar
Rhett Walker Band- Singing Stone



The Authentic Podcast: The Lust of Desire

Do you have a desire? Is it the right desire? Are you lusting and desiring something that isn’t yours? Check out this weeks podcast as we talk about the cost of desire.

The Walls Group feat. Brandy- God on my mind
Middle Clash- Gotham Fog
Natalie Lauren- Get Up
Campus House Worship-= Set a Fire/Fill Me Up

All instrumentals Stussy & Soulection

The Authentic Podcast: Finish What You Start



Are you a person with incredible ideas? Do you have a hard time finishing what you start? Are you easily distracted? This podcast is for you! The Authentic provides a refreshing perspective of conquering the resistance that stops you from fulfilling your purpose and destiny. Subscribe here for iTunes  


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Set list:

* Lecrae- Nuthin
* Disclosure ft. Sam Smith- Latch
* Aaliyah- Back and Forth
* Bizzle ft. Gemstones & Red Lettaz
* Israel Houghton & New Breed- Covered
* Kim Walker Smith and Skyler Smith- Unstoppable Love

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