EP 15: How to Write 7 Books while Homeschooling with Kim Cash Tate

Kim Cash Tate is an amazing wife, mother, author and teacher. She has spent the last 15+ years home schooling her children through high school and authoring 7 published books.

We spoke about:

  • Why she left law to write
  • Why she choose law school in college
  • How she published her first book
  • Her relationship with Thomas Nelson
  • How she remains authentic
  • Her writing pattern
  • Why she still uses hard back books for research
  • Balancing being a wife, homeschooling and writing
  • What books of her’s that she would recommend you to purchase

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Set List:

J. Givens- The Pledge

Josh Garrels- White Owls

Je’Kob- Letting Go Ft. Josh Lane

Hunter G.K. Thompson- Swan Song

Jason Nelson- Thirsty


EP 7: How To Get 300,000 Followers on Instagram with Ryan Maher

Ryan Maher is a designer and entrepreneur! Learn how he gained 300,000 Followers on Instagram and how his app Bible Locks Screens was downloaded 100,000+ times.






Set List:

Mali Music- Walking Shoes
Crowder- How He Loves Me
Derek Minor- Who Do You Know
D. Scott- Luke XI
Bethel Music- No Longer A Slave

EP 6: The Power of Persevervance and Consistency with Sean C. Johnson

The Power of Perseverance and Consistency with Sean C. Johnson

Sean C. Johnson is a singer and teacher who is known for his buttery neb-soul voice. Listen as Sean explains how consistency and preserving helped launch his thriving musical career.


Set list: All Sean C. Johnson!

Journey On

I have been spending a lot of time developing new projects.


New is exciting but it’s not easy.


When you have been given an idea you can wait on it or try it.


I am firm believe in trying it. If it doesn’t work I move on.


If it works I keep PUSHING. 


Recently, I have realized how damaging looking at other projects can sabotage your present work. 


Instead of letting my visual eyes rob me I’ve decided to be fueled by other’s accomplishments. 

My projects aren’t crafted in perfection. It would be arrogant of me to think no-budget-low-budget projects look like a Hollywood box office hits. 


My projects are crafted in faith. Faith isn’t based on what I see; It’s based on what I can’t see. 


A blog turned into a book idea; a book idea turned into a script idea; a script became auditions; auditions became rehearsals; rehearsals became filming; filming became editing; editing became promotion; promotions become premiering. 


In the midst of all of this I am working on weddings, writing a book (Single and Authentic) with an editor, crafting another project which I can’t speak of, collaborating with other brands, shooting music videos, attending doctors appointments, preparing for surgery, serving my husband, serving my local church and still making sure I make time for myself. 


What makes this journey worth it isn’t the accomplishments. What makes it worth is standing in the midst of God’s will for myself and moving forward without being able to see through the fog of what’s in front of me. 


It’s not easy! I get frustrated, discouraged, annoyed, irked, told no, I re-casted several times, my money is still funny, I don’t have everything “I need” for what I see. Yet and still I keep moving forward.


I remember when this journey started and I dreamed BIG! I dreamed so BIG that it caused a lot turbulence in my life. I wouldn’t change any of it. Jesus has used every single step to perfect me for His work in my life. That work isn’t to make me known but to make Him known. 


I’m not interested in the Oscars but if they open the door one day for the street smart nerd that is from South Jersey they better be ready for what comes out of my mouth! I “ain’t” got nothing but Jesus for you. 


He’s transformed me in such a way that I would never deny Him. Every bump in my pothole filled life is helping to make me more like Him. I’ve had some MAJOR conversations in the last week and if I hadn’t been hard pressed on every side in an uphill battle I wouldn’t be able to handle what’s coming my way. 


Don’t look around, look up! That has been my focus meditation. I can’t look at or be concerned with what I don’t have or what could be. I have to be concerned with the little mustard seeds in my hand now. 


Jesus is daily showing Himself faithful. His faithfulness is my only consistent in life. I am a work in progress. I am brave. I am aggressive. I am broken. I am daily in need of grace. I am creative. I daily press to get out what’s inside. I don’t full understand what is inside of me but I will die empty! Journey on reader, journey on! 

The Authentic: Episode 5 “A little bit of everything”

This week we journeyed into a little bit of everything on the podcast. Download it on iTunes or listen below.

Set List:

Jackie Hill Perry- Dead Preacher
Stephen the Levite f. Jgivesn & Tragic Hero- Frienemies
Selah the Corner f. Eshon Burgundy- Prophecy
Christette Michele- Super Christ
Tye Tribett & G.A.- SuperStar
Rhett Walker Band- Singing Stone



The Authentic Podcast: The Lust of Desire

Do you have a desire? Is it the right desire? Are you lusting and desiring something that isn’t yours? Check out this weeks podcast as we talk about the cost of desire.

The Walls Group feat. Brandy- God on my mind
Middle Clash- Gotham Fog
Natalie Lauren- Get Up
Campus House Worship-= Set a Fire/Fill Me Up

All instrumentals Stussy & Soulection

The Authentic Podcast: Finish What You Start



Are you a person with incredible ideas? Do you have a hard time finishing what you start? Are you easily distracted? This podcast is for you! The Authentic provides a refreshing perspective of conquering the resistance that stops you from fulfilling your purpose and destiny. Subscribe here for iTunes  


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Set list:

* Lecrae- Nuthin
* Disclosure ft. Sam Smith- Latch
* Aaliyah- Back and Forth
* Bizzle ft. Gemstones & Red Lettaz
* Israel Houghton & New Breed- Covered
* Kim Walker Smith and Skyler Smith- Unstoppable Love

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