March 17, 2016 christinafaith

There is always a– Way!

There is always a way.
It’s hard to admit that. The way is not always glamorous nor is it easy but there is always a way.

While on campus at the missions headquarters I haven’t been able to access my website hence why the post and podcast have been few and far in between but today I decided to call the hosting site and find another way.

The IT guy and I spent several days trying to figure out why my site was the only site that wasn’t accessible from mac devices We figured it was an IP issue and we thought we solved it. But we didn’t. In all honesty I gave up.

There were so many other things to do and I kind of forgot about it. But it’s a new season and I knew I needed to get back in the saddle. 

After calling the hosting company she informed me that using a site such as could override the limtations and low and behold it did. 

There is always a WAY. But what are you willing to do to get to the end goal?

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