December 24, 2016 christinafaith

8 Ways to Talk Yourself Into Vlogging with @ChristinaFaith

8 Ways to Talk Yourself Into Vlogging

I am a fear driven procrasinator. There I said it. But I’ve been killing my fear by doing the very thing I am afraid to do. Vlogging has been on my list for years. I have had EVERYTHING I needed to vlog for quiet sometime and instead of vlogging I’ve allowed myself to make excuses.

If your human you struggle with the exact same thing I struggle with on a daily bases. Excuses, negative thoughts and procrasination keep us from moving forward. Instead of accepting EVERY single excuse I made about not vlogging I overcame that fear by actually vlogging and this is what I came up with.

How are you going to overcome a fear? What have you been telling yourself you can’t do?

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